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Nov 13

It Was Horrific!

A short fan clip from this year’s Brooklyn Halloween Show. The Diabolical Mr. Grimflint’s Pandemonium Theater!

Oct 13

Luxury Seating!

img_0731_0           Ever looking to keep the show in the black (and of course red would be fine too for Halloween but not for a Halloween show) we are, for the first year ever, offering up our own “luxury seating”

These seats you see stacked up in the picture, will be set up near the front of the stage and offered for $5 each per show. Yes, real theater seats, and you also get a bag of candy with your donations. See our seating expert Noreen tomorrow night to reserve yours!

Oct 13

One Day To Go!

Luxury seating!

As it is every year these last few days are a bit of a blur but tomorrow we go on and I hope you can be there. What will you see if you come?

A half baked, down on his luck Necromancer trying to earn a few extra bucks on the big night of demonic rapture

An abused, half witted Hunchback assistant possessing an EXTRAORDINARY pain threshold

A terrifying comedic talent guaranteed to make you laugh and shiver at the same time

“Operatic” drama! (well……………. a little bit here and there at least)

Blood, sharp instruments, body parts, and some of the worst magic you have ever…………

Let’s just say this is a magic show gone horribly wrong!

It’s this Year’s Brooklyn Halloween Show.  See you tomorrow night!

Oct 13

Brooklyn Halloween Show Receives THE Seal Of Approval!

                                                                                                                This year’s Brooklyn Halloween Show is now “Gramilton Approved.”
Gramilton Approved

Oct 13

One Week To Go

Only one more week until the indescribable Mr. Grimflint, and his friends descend on Clinton Hill for a night of Halloween mayhem. Beware!!


Guess what this is??

Oct 13

The Show Poster!

halloween-2013-sheet-adobe-version     Here it is. See you there on Halloween night.

Oct 13

10 Days To Go

Mechagodzilla Says WE WANT YOU!!

Hard as it is for us to believe and we still have so much to do! Please contribute to help make this free, unique community event happen in the way it should. The costs, time and effort are always a lot more than people might think BUT we feel it shows every year on the night of October 31. Just click on the donate button at the top of the page and you can easily contribute via Paypal right now.  Hope to see you there and then.

Happy Halloween,

Robert, Greg, Eric, Mike, Matt, Josh, Dylan and Don


Oct 13

Brooklyn Halloween Show Procemium Arch!

Procemium Arch

Oct 13

Set Design! 13 Days to Go.

Oct 13

Thanks To All Who Have Contributed So Far!

Halloween 2010 Greg, Eric and Boris

Plywood, 2 x 4′s, screws, paint, sound rental, costume materials, prop materials, lights, sound cords, extra extension cords, candy for the visitors on Halloween, glue, bolts, screws, gorilla tape, curtains, lumber to build crowd barriers, makeup, food for all the helpers, a new fog machine. Etc! It costs a lot more money than some might think to put on these free shows. We out too much effort and time into putting on the best show our limited resources will allow. PLEASE help out if you can, and a BIG thanks to those that have already done their part. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

PS – The show is coming along and of course, as usual, we are scrambling! It’s not always easy but come show night we are always ready to go and this year will be no different. Hope to see you there.

Happy Halloween,

Robert, Eric, Greg, Mike, Matt, Josh, Don, Dylan and the rest of the Brooklyn Halloween Show crew