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Oct 13

MORE Of The First Brooklyn Halloween Wrestling Show

And…… is some more of that great show from 2011. The characters were, American Eagle, Ultraman, Iron Golem, Gigasnatch, The referee (as played by king Kong), manager for team slaughter, manager for Monster Mashers, Card Girl and Ultraman’s #1 fan.

brooklyn monster mash up part 2 from michael galinsky on Vimeo.

Oct 13

The FIRST Brooklyn Halloween Wrestling Show

In 2011 we put on one of our all time favorite Halloween Shows. This was the Ultra Big Monster Tag Team Mash Up! Here is part of that show as featured on the New York Time’s Blog.

Oct 13

Last Year The TV Broke Over Someone’s Head!

This was a test for a gag in last year’s show. Please contribute to the show or it doesn’t fly this year!

Sep 13

Fans Of The Brooklyn Halloween Show Speak Up!

Sep 13

Less Than A Day To Go!

Nope. Not less than a day until the Halloween Show. That’s a month away. The month of October kicks off at midnight, tonight. For me it starts the official countdown until Halloween. The weather cools, autumn shows up, full moons and everyone gets closer to doing what I do all the time. So with that in mind what are the 10 things YOU can do to prepare and enjoy this most special of months?

10. Realize that Halloween is not considered a holiday but treat it that way anyway
9. Begin creating your costume today. Create it in your head, on paper, on your computer and then start making it
8. If you give out candy buy it early. It really does help you get in the spirit of the thing
7. Watch some great horror/monster, sci fi and fantasy films all month
6. If you greet Trick or Treater’s at your door come up with something that will make your place Halloween “cool.” A theme, sound effects, wear a costume yourself to scare, scary dummies, spooky lights and anything else you can dream up, but start on it this week. It gets you more into the spirit of the month
5. Read some classic ghost/horror or even sci fi. Lovecraft, Stephen King are good starts
4. If you have kids get started on their costumes now (if you already haven’t of course). It gets them into the spirit of the month too
3. Get the decorations up at your house starting tomorrow.
2. If there is one in your area go to (and take the family) to a haunted house. This always helps to get the mod right for Halloween. What mood? Fun, fright, the unexpected, and creativity
1. Read up on the history of Halloween. Where it came from, how it started and why. It’s good to know the tradition and what people did to make it come alive and keep it that way.

Working in the lab late one night…….

Oct 12

Universal Studios 100th Anniversary

This year Universal is marketing their 100th anniversary by releasing 100 blu rays of their classic films. To Kill a Mockingbird, Jaws, The Sting, All Quiet on the Western Front, ET, Harvey, and The Blues Brothers are some of them, BUT as good as those films may be THAT is not what is exciting us here at Brooklyn Halloween.


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Oct 12

Clinton Hill Halloween Walk

It has been pointed out to me that we have something very unique here in Brooklyn, and I tend to forget about this as we become so wrapped up in producing another Halloween Show. There are not just one, but TWO live shows on Halloween night and they are only a couple of blocks apart. One of those shows is of course ours but both have their own style and are quite different.

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Oct 12

4 Days To Go!

Not 4 days to go until Halloween mind you………

For anyone who has been on the fence about joining us on Kickstarter to support our Brooklyn Halloween Show….we have 4 days left, and will be close to halfway to our goal very soon. One thing people may NOT realize is if we DON’T manage to hit the mark in 4 days we are not funded. Period. That’s how Kickstarter works, and it’s why there is a set time limit.
This is to clear up any confusion that people are having. We don’t use or receive what is already contributed unless it hits the mark of $3000. If it doesn’t no one contributes anything and the whole thing is dead in the water. We are getting there but time is running out.
Contributions can be whatever you want it to be. It can be $1 on up. Rewards are earned for certain pledges. For instance $25 gets you a very cool Brooklyn Halloween Show 2012 T shirt designed by core show member Greg Follender. The design will be revealed very soon BTW!
If Halloween is your thing or if you just think it’s just a cool event please refer us to whoever you can think of that may want to be a part of this. A couple of thousand kids and their parents will be watching all of us that night! Happy Halloween.




Happy Halloween,


Oct 12

Halloween And Brooklyn…Why?

It’s a question we were asked just yesterday. Why does Brooklyn (and especially our neighborhood) tend to put on such a Halloween extravaganza?

Making stuff on Saturday. The beginnings of a "fat suit"

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Oct 12

Halloween Stuff To Do

This trailer for this Kim Newman/Sean Hogan and company theatrical production showing Oct 29-Nov 3 looks pretty good. If you live in that part of the world well……….We warned you!