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Oct 13

Halloween Costumes From Older AND Scarier Days

halloween18pigman        Old school costumes are often the best. Something left to the imagination perhaps?? On another subject. This year’s show is really getting close and there is still so much to do. Last night we did all the prerecord stuff and selected all the sound effects. Lots of rehearsals at the end of this week into Tuesday. AND donations needed! The sound/PA equipment is never cheap to rent!

See more old school costume pics here:

Sep 12

It’s That Time Again!

Feet belonging to one of the characters in this year’s show. Whose are they?





Feet being made for one of this year's characters

Oct 11

Brooklyn Halloween Show 2011

Ok…what’s it going to be this year?? Are you all wondering? While you are “wrestling” with your thoughts you can take comfort in pretty much daily updates from now until Halloween. Reveals for the show coming any day now.




Apr 11

X’pect You May Be Wondering Where 2010 Halloween Show Video Is

It’s been in limbo, but I am starting to tweak people to get it done. I am anxious to see it and so probably are you.

What’s funny is that………….we are now planning this years show and we don’t even have the video up from last year yet! Efficiency at it’s finest.

Keep coming back for updates.



Apr 11

Today Is Also One Foot In The Grave Day

April Fool’s? How about real werewolf found to have lived in Brooklyn 150 years ago? Or even better…..Dodgers coming back to Brooklyn?

Gag after gag today, but what many people DON’T know is that today is also One Foot In The Grave Day! No symbolism, no rituals, just dig a grave and put one foot in. Of course be careful not to accidentally fall in because once you do you end up with both feet, legs, torso arms and your head in the grave! Normally that wouldn’t mean anything, but today (and today only) you wind up trapped in that grave.

The only way to get out is to have one who cares about you fire a silver bullet into a crucifix that has been made from ancient Egyptian gold…then blessed by the legendary Rabbi that gave birth to the Golem of Prague.  Once you are free, you must then make the trip once a year to a well known scientist in Germany who will place you in his life giving machinery (powered by lightning of course) to prolong your life for yet another year.

On second thought……I don’t think I like One Foot In The Grave day.


Mar 11

What Will YOUR Hallloween Be Like This Year?

Yeah I know.  Halloween in March???

Since one of the main purposes of this site is our Halloween show though……….it is a valid question around these parts. It is this time of year that we here at Brooklyn Halloween central plan this year’s show.  Unlike the current disaster that is the Broadway production of Spider Man our show will HAVE TO BE  ready to go when we say it’s ready to go. For us that day is October 31 2011.

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Oct 10

2 More In The New York Times Blog

Two more of the Brooklyn Halloween Show crew now on the New York Times Local Blog.

More Locals Who Love to Terrify

By ROBERT TROCH, Community Contributor

Last year, Robert Troch contributed a post about the Brooklyn Halloween Show, which is based heavily on horror films and runs for free on Halloween, starting at sundown. The Local will be featuring brief bios of each of the volunteer performers involved in the show this week, leading up to their performance on Sunday night at 227 Waverly Avenue. Ready Fort Greene and Clinton Hill? It’s time to get spooky.

Oct 10

A Teleporter Door Gets a Quick Test

Oct 10

This Is What Halloween Is All About!

One of our very FAVORITE videos. Kind of makes you think.

In The Know: Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?

Oct 10

Brooklyn Halloween Show Part 2 A Quick Tour