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Oct 13

Halloween Costumes From Older AND Scarier Days

halloween18pigman        Old school costumes are often the best. Something left to the imagination perhaps?? On another subject. This year’s show is really getting close and there is still so much to do. Last night we did all the prerecord stuff and selected all the sound effects. Lots of rehearsals at the end of this week into Tuesday. AND donations needed! The sound/PA equipment is never cheap to rent!

See more old school costume pics here:

Oct 13

2013 Emergency Meeting To Get Things On Track

none-058          This year came close to not having a Brooklyn Halloween Show, but we had a meeting several weeks ago and decided to forge on and hold a show!

This was the meeting of the principles in Junior’s Restuarant, Brooklyn.  The old show idea had to be tossed and we have come up with what we think will be a cool show.  Hopefully……it will be equal parts Scary, funny and gory.

Happy Halloween!

Oct 13

A REALLY Scary Topic!!!

bride1     October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So the Brooklyn Halloween Show wants to give a shout out to Anita, one of our biggest and coolest supporters. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2010, and survived this ‘monster’ with courage, positive thinking and laughter. She never lost sight that a sense of humor makes a huge difference. Donations each year like Anita’s allow the Brooklyn Halloween Show to pass along fear, fright and tons of fun to hundreds and hundreds of adults and kids.

On behalf of Anita and the Brooklyn Halloween Show —– Here’s to Halloween 2013.



Oct 13

MORE Of The First Brooklyn Halloween Wrestling Show

And…… is some more of that great show from 2011. The characters were, American Eagle, Ultraman, Iron Golem, Gigasnatch, The referee (as played by king Kong), manager for team slaughter, manager for Monster Mashers, Card Girl and Ultraman’s #1 fan.

brooklyn monster mash up part 2 from michael galinsky on Vimeo.

Oct 13

The FIRST Brooklyn Halloween Wrestling Show

In 2011 we put on one of our all time favorite Halloween Shows. This was the Ultra Big Monster Tag Team Mash Up! Here is part of that show as featured on the New York Time’s Blog.

Oct 13

Last Year The TV Broke Over Someone’s Head!

This was a test for a gag in last year’s show. Please contribute to the show or it doesn’t fly this year!

Sep 13

Fans Of The Brooklyn Halloween Show Speak Up!

Sep 13

Less Than A Day To Go!

Nope. Not less than a day until the Halloween Show. That’s a month away. The month of October kicks off at midnight, tonight. For me it starts the official countdown until Halloween. The weather cools, autumn shows up, full moons and everyone gets closer to doing what I do all the time. So with that in mind what are the 10 things YOU can do to prepare and enjoy this most special of months?

10. Realize that Halloween is not considered a holiday but treat it that way anyway
9. Begin creating your costume today. Create it in your head, on paper, on your computer and then start making it
8. If you give out candy buy it early. It really does help you get in the spirit of the thing
7. Watch some great horror/monster, sci fi and fantasy films all month
6. If you greet Trick or Treater’s at your door come up with something that will make your place Halloween “cool.” A theme, sound effects, wear a costume yourself to scare, scary dummies, spooky lights and anything else you can dream up, but start on it this week. It gets you more into the spirit of the month
5. Read some classic ghost/horror or even sci fi. Lovecraft, Stephen King are good starts
4. If you have kids get started on their costumes now (if you already haven’t of course). It gets them into the spirit of the month too
3. Get the decorations up at your house starting tomorrow.
2. If there is one in your area go to (and take the family) to a haunted house. This always helps to get the mod right for Halloween. What mood? Fun, fright, the unexpected, and creativity
1. Read up on the history of Halloween. Where it came from, how it started and why. It’s good to know the tradition and what people did to make it come alive and keep it that way.

Working in the lab late one night…….

Sep 13

Ray Harryhausen. RIP And Thanks For Everything

A titan in monster creators passed away earlier this year. The one and only Ray Harryhausen. It was always a treat to flip on the TV back when I was a kid and come across one of his films. The amazing stop motion creatures! The Cyclops, Rhedosaurus, Ymir, Talos, Gwangi, Medusa, Kraken, Trog, Griffin, and many others!
His influence on today’s special effects artists……is gigantic and we have been lucky enough to have Ray around until a ripe old age top share all his experiences in wonderful books and commentary tracks on many of his films.
I personally was hit very hard when I read the news the day he passed. Even though an era had already come and gone, the symbol itself was now gone. SO…..This year’s Brooklyn Halloween Show is dedicated to the great Ray Harryhausen. RIP Ray and thanks so much for living your dream for all of us to enjoy and be inspired by!

Nov 12

Brooklyn Halloween Show 8 Days Later

To all of those who came to the show on Halloween…thanks for being there. We hope you enjoyed it. Putting on the show this year was obviously more challenging because of Hurricane Sandy, but we felt it needed to go on business as usual. Seems everyone agreed as we had a very big turnout! I assume kids AND adults just wanted something fun to do after 2 days of bad news and stuck inside the house.

On the night of the hurricane there were 4 of us out in the garage working on costumes, and sets. We unfortunately couldn’t rehearse Monday or Tuesday night (as had been planned) so some of the actual show on Wednesday was still a little rough but I digress.

The show almost went on as planned. The first show went on 45 minutes late though! We did 3 shows and all turned out ok. We want to thank everyone who came, cheered, and left a little something in our donation box! It is MOST appreciated. We do our best to put on a show that we enjoy and hope that you will too. Until next year…………

Robert, Greg, Eric, Mike, Joshua, Matt, Don, Dylan, Alan, Grace, Georgia, Kathy and anyone else that lent a hand.